Sunday, February 3, 2013

Healing the past

Life is so good! But in the past, it felt hard, unfair...I was perception was distorted because of that...the filters through which I saw the world was smeared with pain and suffering...I wasn't able to embrace my life at that time...I was blaming others, myself.

You don't see life as it truly is unless you're enlightened...our filters change what is real...our perception depends on past experiences...we become separated from the truth...the truth is that life is here to serve us...pain is a necessary part of spiritual growth...we need it...yet we try everything to avoid it...we look for escapes through food, drugs, busyness, attracting chaos that keep us from looking at ourselves deeper.

It's only through surrender that life improves...when we stop looking for the quick fix...instant gratification...and we begin to seek wholeness...we change our old perceptions for a new is always was and it always will be...perhaps our spiritual lessons began in childhood...that our childhood experiences were right for us in some crazy, mysterious mistakes...just lessons...don't be a victim...see the good that came from your mind...your heart so you may see how wonderful and perfect life really is.

I wanted to capture the blue sky with my camera. It was breathtaking!


The man who views the world at fifty,
the same as he did at twenty,
has wasted thirty years of his life.

~ Muhammed Ali ~


"I open my arms to life"