Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy does it

 My art reflects my inner thoughts and feelings. Yesterday was a challenging day. It's no surprise the drawing I was working on, was about the heart.


Interesting that my blog post yesterday was about letting go, then hours later, I find out that I had accidently erased all the family pictures on my blog (a month's worth). It sent me into a tailspin. So much for letting go, right? Finding the location of each picture and resubmitting them, took me all day. Having Fibromyalgia, stress reeks havoc on my muscles, causing painful inflamation. Needless to say, I got stressed, spending too much time and energy fixing the photo problem. I payed a dear price. Looking back now, what I really needed was a good cry. But my busyness didn't allow for it. Today I'm going to do nothing. No busyness. I still feel weepy this morning. I don't know why. We'll see what shows up.

Have you been postponing feelings? Perhaps using busyness as an avoidance? Be kind to yourself  by making time for your emotional needs. You're the most important person you'll ever know.


A picture of my sister in her therapeutic garden.


"My tears help to cleanse my soul"